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The development of the artEmergent project has been supported by a three year AHRC Research Fellowship (2002-2005) as well as The London Science Museum SMAP5 BIG IDEAS commission (2005) and has largely evolved from the first ICA/Toshiba Art & Innovation commission awarded to Bruce Gilchrist and Jonny Bradley for their digital live art installation, Divided By Resistance, presented by the ICA in London as part of Totally Wired in May 1996. The original software written for Divided by Resistance - The DreamEngine - was subsequently developed for the series of Thought Conductor performances and more recently for the Looking At Primitives project which is currently in pre-production with London Fieldworks. This site documents these three key artEmergent projects as well as some other related artworks. These principal works are related through a database aesthetic: creative records are retrieved and presented in the manner of a search engine, but with the engine responding to an attenuated sensuousness. ArtEmergent's central motif, the digital biomonitor file, is in part a reference to the development of biometrics, brain machine interfaces and the burgeoning role of databases across all conceivable sectors of society. Within the context of artEmergent, this motif is also a digital memento mori questioning the authenticity of mediated experience.